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Il Monferrato - March 2017

Tommaso Bazzi, vice president, talks about the evolution of the industry

Technique and logic for aware choices: this strengthens the soundness of Bazzi & Partners.

Il Mondo del Latte - May 2016

Consequential damages policy: an important instrument

Ensures business continuity in case of serious event with equipment and machinery damages.


Rough Notes - November 2015


Worldwide broker network provides solutions to international businesses.

Il Mondo del Latte - June 2015

Risk in the food industry: safer with tampering coverage

The classic Products Liability is not enough to provide full protection for manufacturers, above all for events resulting from a malicious or accidental contamination of the product.


Il Mondo del Latte - May 2015

Pollution: the usefulness of protecting yourself with a policy

The topic of environmental protection is becoming increasingly important for institutions and fines for those who pollute are getting higher and higher. This is why it is a good idea to take out ad hoc insurances that cover all risks.

Unindustria - January 2015

Bazzi & Partners: con l'America ad expo 2015

This is recognition of a strong vocation toward the internationalisation of the insurance brokerage company of Casale Monferrato.


Il Mondo - February 2011

Dossier: Insurances

Ital Brokers studies Chinese, Assiteca arrives in Madrid.

Il Monferrato - November 2010

The broker Bazzi & Partners, advanced services at casale

International openings. Turnover in 2009 exceeded 29 million – a new corporate structure from Srl to S.p.A.


Assinews - November 2009

High Profile: Salvatore Bazzi

For my friend Salvatore Bazzi it is always, and still, worthwhile.

Il Mondo - November 2009

There is no recession for whole sale policies

Broker. Financial statements have also shown a growth in 2009.


Platinum (english version) - June 2007

Objective Innovation

It’s their job to understand risk.

Bazzi & Partners, tra i primi broker in Italia.

Primato - February 2006

protagonists: broker in Casale Monferrato

Let us forget the stereotype of the provincial broker. Bazzi & Partners, which has have been operating in Casale Monferrato for more than 25 years, shows that professional success and growth of turnover have got nothing to do with geographic residence.