Employee Benefits

Our company operates actively in the whole sector of personal protection policies, both deriving from collective contract negotiation (CCNL) and from individual requests. We are also able to manage membership through the Cassa di Assistenza.

Italian legislation in particular seeks to foster the development of these forms and has issued a series of facilitations which the Workers and Companies can access. The Cassa di Assistenza is therefore an institution that is used increasingly by entrepreneurs in order to be able to provide benefits and services to their Employees, obtaining at the same time, considerable tax advantages both for the Companies and for the employees themselves.

In protection of the person, we offer insurance plans for:

  • Accidents / Invalidity due to sickness;
  • Life Insurance (Personal, Life insurance for Executives/Middle management);
  • Reimbursement of medical/group health expenses (FASI, FASDAC, QUAS supplementary);
  • Key man;
  • Dread Disease / Long Term Care;
  • Individual welfare.

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