Grow on trust and safety

Bazzi & Partners has been operating for more than thirty years in the insurance brokerage market. The company was founded by Salvatore Bazzi, who, at the beginning of the Eighties, understood the importance of holding a dialogue with several Companies, rather than being linked to just one interlocutor. A positive approach to problems and a strenuous negotiating capacity gradually brought Bazzi to a position where it is recognised as a valid interlocutor in the insurance world.

Dr. Riccardo Ambrogini has been working for the company for twenty-five years and in 2007 the company was joined by the son of the founder, Eng. Tommaso Bazzi, after two years’ experience working for an international broker in New York. Continuity with acquired professional practices was then enriched by an international outlook, which was reflected when the company entered the international broker network WING.

Our business areas of expertise

  • Timber processing
  • Large-scale Distribution
  • Flexible packaging materials
  • Metal working
  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Plastics – Chemical
  • Textile
  • Banking – Financial

From our headquarters in Casale Monferrato we follow clients all over Northern and Central Italy; we have put our multi-disciplinary skills at the disposal of companies in the widest range of commodity sectors.

Professionalism, reliability and experience are our main characteristics, qualities that are acknowledged by our clients. We can’t provide “references” from those whose trust we have won, because we believe that confidentiality and discretion are essential in this sector.

We can tell you, however, that we have won recognition in both the national and international sphere. We can boast a high level of loyalty with companies who have entrusted us with an important part of their wealth, a symptom of unequivocal credibility and reliability.


Professionals under 35 years of age


Female Personnel


Hours invested in training / continuous education

To provide a punctual, accurate and effective service.

To define insurance programs that solve the risk complexities of our clients in simple, understandable solutions that can be adapted to changing circumstances.

To assist our clients after a claim happened to its settlement, following words with facts.

Intellectual honesty and moral integrity are not abstract or private concepts but necessary components in the professions of those who administer the wealth of others.

Maximum respect of individuals and their assets is a commitment which Bazzi & Partners believes in, to protect the maximum transparency of all the operations it performs.

The importance of trust; for us this value is imperative.

Everything we do, and the passion with which we do it, is aimed at protecting the client.

We invest constantly in IT infrastructures: we have assisted one of the main European Software Houses in conceiving and developing an innovative application, aimed at speeding up our processes and making the Company a paperless company in the medium term.

We are an organisation which takes pride in knowing how to manage complex situations without upsetting the corporate structures of clients and without being a burden on their operations.

We tip-toe in and take over everything, certain of being able to provide a highly professional service.

Salvatore Bazzi

President & Founder

Tommaso Bazzi

Chief Executive Officer