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We are also able to support our clients in protecting their commercial credit through the use of specialised companies that are able to assess the risk of the company’s client portfolio.

The information in the possession of credit companies concerning financial data, possible delays in payment, rather than missed payments, is a fundamental support for the commercial development of the company, especially in foreign markets.

Through policies that guarantee commercial credit it is possible to combine individual markets or even approach individual foreign clients (single risk policies) both for individual supplies and for establishing on-going relationships.

Insurance bonds are a valid alternative to similar bank bonds above all because since they are independent of the central risks office, they do not impact on the line of credit granted by the credit institute for the normal commercial business of the company.

In this sector it is fundamental to provide an immediate answer both about feasibility and the issue of surety bonds so as to allow companies to:

  • take part in public bids for tender (provisional and final bonds);
  • Receive VAT reimbursements;
  • Supply bonds on customs rights;
  • Allow registration in professional roles;
  • Provide “Merloni law” policies”.

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