Bazzi and the social sector

We are committed to helping authorities working in the social sector

Since its foundation, Bazzi has always supported ventures of a social nature since it considers taking part in projects aimed at the wellbeing and progress of the society in which it exists and works as fundamental, according to the Anglo-Saxon concept of “giving back”.

Bazzi funds on an on-going basis medical and sports assistance activity, both locally and nationally


ADISCO (Associazione Donatrici Italiane Sangue del Cordone Ombelicale) (the Italian association of Italian Donors of Blood from the Umbilical Cord) was founded in March 1997 as an association of women willing to donate, after giving birth, blood from the umbilical cord. Bazzi actively supports this association, supporting their activities at territorial level.



Alessandria AIL – ONLUS is the Alessandria section of the Italian Association against Leukaemia, Lymphomas and Myelomas; founded on 20 November 1997 as a peripheral autonomous section of the AIL Nazionale, it has its headquarters at the S.C. di Ematologia dell’Azienda Ospedaliera Nazionale SS. Antonio e Biagio e C. Arrigo of Alessandria and operates in the fight against malignant hemopathies in complete agreement with the aims of the bylaws of the AIL Nazionale.


Associazione AMICI DEL CUORE

The Associazione Amici del Cuore contributes to strengthening cardiological and cardiological-surgical structures in Trieste with donations of modern, sophisticated equipment, the provision of contributions for research, congresses and conferences, for the purchase of scientific publications, and the allocation of scholarships to young doctors.

The Association carries out activities for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in its Mobile Unit equipped for measuring blood pressure, cholesterol and glycaemia levels. It also organises courses on the “Treatment of cardiac arrest” and publishes the magazine “Amici del Cuore” (Friends of the Heart).


AGIL Volley - Igor Novara Volley

AGIL Volley Trecate was founded in 1983/84 thanks to the commitment of Sister Giovanna Saporiti, a nun since she was 20 years of age, and Marilena Bertini, initially a physical education teacher and then Nun at the age of 36, who, in order to create a centre where young people could meet, started an adventure which took the first team as far as the A1 league.

Over the years, the management carried out a project to relaunch its own commitment and sports image, called “AGIL: LO SPORT CHE CRESCE”, with the following aims:

  • to propose the model of a healthy, clean sport, in which competition and result live together with those human, ethical values that are particularly significant for the sports world;
  • to make its own youth sector competitive
  • to widen its catchment area, via collaboration with Companies operating in the surrounding areas.