We know how to analyse and understand your processes; we study your context and highlight the critical aspects of your business.

We know that a damage caused to third parties is not only a risk to your assets, but it also involves your future relationship with the damaged party. For us, they are both significant factors and our Civil Liability (C.L.) coverages are defined with the aim of protecting the third party and your relationship.

Characteristics of our Casualty programs:

  • Third Party and Employers’ Liability;
  • Worldwide Products Liability Policies;
  • Policies against the risk of tampering;
  • First/third Party Products Recall Policies;
  • Difference in Conditions – DIC and Difference in Limits – DIL Coverages on basic existing coverages;
  • Assessment and definition of risk holding policy (Dedictibles / Self-insurance);
  • Negotiations of high Limits of insurance through Excess Coverage.

The sectors where we have most experience are:

  • Metalworking and mechanical engineering
  • Timber processing
  • Large-scale Distribution
  • Flexible packaging
  • Foodstuffs
  • Logistics
  • Plastics – chemical
  • Textile
  • Protection instruments (Helmets, Overalls)
  • Automotive

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