Institutes of Credit

Banking institutes have different peculiar risks, in constant evolution, which do not find a response in traditional policies, including:

  • Transportation of valuables;
  • Employee Dishonesty;
  • Cloning of Bancomat and Credit Cards;
  • IT frauds linked to Internet Banking (Phishing, Pharming, Cracking).

Through our Company, the Bank can access the most cutting-edge solutions for insuring the above-mentioned risks, via the following policies:

  • Global for Credit Institutes / Bankers Blanket Bond (BBB);
  • IT fraud;
  • Cards fraud.

Moreover, in the banking sphere, it is very important to dispose of suitable and capacious D&O coverages (link on the dedicated page of the site) aimed at protecting subjects covering important positions within the institutes and who, by law, must be liable for their own work.


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