Risk management

From risks analysis to the proposal of the insurance program up to compensation

The areas of specialisation of Bazzi embrace many sectors, with particular attention for the metalworking and mechanical engineering, food, textile, banking, timber, plastic, printing and large-sale distribution sectors. Risks analysis is like the first appointment, in which the future of a relationship is played. A fundamental step in which dialogue with the company is intense and aimed at getting to know every facet of the business so as to be able to construct the range of possible risks that may be met.

Respect of the person and the trust that the company places in Bazzi  by entrusting them with the delicate task are crowned in the study and proposal of the best insurance program available on the international market. It is a process which has the charm and the flavour of the tailor made, because it contemplates every specific aspect of the company and its financial and human capital.

The aim of the definition and implementation of the insurance program is to map the company risks and define the methods for transferring them onto the national and international insurance markets, because the right economic treatment must correspond to the best coverage: in both cases, the experience and direct knowledge of insurance companies by Bazzi  guarantees the client the most suitable solution for its needs.

The risk management process does not end when the contract is issued, but it is a “circular”, feedback process: identification and stipulation of the contract is followed by constant verification of its terms, the suitability of the conditions in light of any changes within the company, as well as in technical, legal and economic assets.

Just as the context in which a company operates can change, in the same way its broker must know how to adapt its insurances coverages.

The risk management process

  • 1.
    Risk Analysis
  • 2.
    Definition of the insurance program
  • 3.
    Placement of the risk on insurance markets
  • 4.
    issue of the contract
  • 5.
    New risk factors with subsequent analysis

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