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Opening markets to a global outlook

Faithful to its own values but able to look towards new horizons, Bazzi & Partners therefore gradually expanded its range of action, or perhaps, it would be better to say, of protection, not “only” to Europe – where it had been, with Salvatore Bazzi the founding member of Eubronet, the European network which links the best brokers of the old continent – and in the United States, but to all Countries of the roaring economy.

This was the context in which Bazzi & Partners joined WING in 2009. A network of professionals who together intermediate 1.35 billion euros of premiums, through 120 offices all over the world.

The ideal solution for those international industrial realities who do not wish to be in the hands of a monolithic broker, but who want to have their own risks under control, wherever they are located, with certainty that they are handled with the same principles as those adopted by the Parent Company. Since joining WING, Bazzi & Partners has developed by winning new clients, followed step by step in their decisions by the international partners of the network with great success.

On the other hand, this trust is the “secret” of good partnerships. The certainty that its own clients are followed with the same care. In just a few years the company has gained increasing success in the circuit so that it now sits on the decision-making board of WING with which it has taken part in training programs for brokers. Because internationality also means this: far-sightedness and training.

The founder of Bazzi & Partners, Salvatore Bazzi, who on returning from a trip to the United States at the end of the Seventies had a flash of inspiration about what the future would be for insurance companies in Italy and therefore, Europe, between 2012 and 2015 sat on the board of CIAB, the largest US broker association – the broker, which the company from Casale, soon to be founded, would in fact raise to an operational level that would make a name for itself internationally.

Our strenghts

Network's extensive coverage100%
Timeliness of intervention100%
Constant partners information exchange100%
Risk management strategy consistency100%

We belong to international networks

Our Partners

The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) is a select panel of independent insurance brokers providing a co-ordinated, integrated insurance and risk management solution for businesses who operate on the global stage.

Businesses with operations in more than one country are exposed to a variety of different risks and regulatory environments and it’s crucial for their insurance and risk management programme to reflect accordingly and be provided by advisors who understand the regional marketplace.

WING represents a real alternative to the sometimes overly corporate approach adopted by large multi-national brokers. One of the main benefits of choosing WING is the consistency of cover and support in addressing local compliance and regulatory issues.

The network benefits from a significant global reach and places a substantial amount of premium into the insurance market on behalf of its members.

Eubronet – European Brokers Network – is a partnership between insurance brokers based in several European countries, including a collaboration with a USA-based broker.

The purpose of the network is for insurance brokers to offer their clients the highest quality service in relation to international business and international risks.

Eubronet enables customers to connect to insurance experts who have a specific knowledge of the legal requirements and needs within their own market.

Eubronet offers an international, personal service in all countries in which Eubronet partners are located.
Eubronet brokerage services are also available in other markets in which customers conduct business or have conducted business in the past, or for professional reasons, such as Africa, the Middle East, South America, Australia and the Far East.

Eubronet exists 25 years! A wonderful milestone, 25 years the Eubronet insurancebrokers are serving customers who do business and have risks beyond its own borders.

The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers is the premier association for the top regional, national and international commercial insurance and employee benefits intermediaries worldwide.

Council members are market leaders who annually place 85 percent of U.S. commercial property/casualty insurance premiums and administer billions of dollars in employee benefits accounts.

With expansive international reach, The Council fosters industry wide relationships around the globe by engaging lawmakers, regulators and stakeholders to promote the interests of its members and the valuable role they play in the mitigation of risk for their clients.

Founded in 1913, The Council is based in Washington, D.C.

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