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We are an insurance brokerage company dedicated to businesses, banks, professional firms and service companies.

Professionalism, reliability and experience are our main characteristics, qualities which are acknowledged by our clients.

Our company was launched in Casale Monferrato; since the very beginning we have supported our clients all over the North and Centre of Italy. We consider brokerage as a professional activity but conducted according to corporate principles, according to which the Company must produce profits that must be reinvested for the growth of its own organisation.

All of this makes Bazzi one of the 30 most important brokerage companies operating in Italy.

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“Strong as a result of a tradition based on respect, competence, discretion and above all on the trust which companies reciprocate with a high level of loyalty, always proud of being among the thirty most important Italian brokerage companies…”


“Determination and the ability to work side by side to tackle every complexity is a sign of strength and distinction achieved in order to go straight to our objective.”


“Speed in settling damages has been our strong point for thirty years. Dates and figures can demonstrate it.”

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